How Dishwasher Works: What We Don’t See

Have you ever wondered how dishwasher works, and how these appliances actually get their jobs done perfectly? Yes, we love how they make our lives easier and leave us some time to rest as they get the dishes done, but should we not know how they do it—and do it so well?

Dishwashers remain to be a staple in American households because of how efficient and fast they are in getting the dishes and other kitchen utensils done. Because our life today is so fast paced, it is important to find ways to maximize our time and get things done quickly yet efficiently.

If you already have a dishwasher at home, you might have been impressed the first time you used it. How did it clean those pile of plates so fast? How did it get rid of all those crumbs and pieces? How dishwasher works seems so easy, but it actually is quite a long process. No wonder it gets the job done pretty well.

Because its popularity continues to soar, no wonder dishwasher brands are all exerting extra efforts to make sure their products stand out from the rest. But, really, do you know how your trusty and shiny kitchen appliance washes your dishes in a seemingly effortless way?

Your dishwasher adds water – How dishwasher works?

  • It may seem impossible, but it is designed in a way that enables it to smartly add water when it is time. Your dishwasher has a timer, which is detected by the machine for it to know when to do so.
  • Adding the water enables it to get rid of the leftover crumbs and stickies from the dishes and other utensils. It helps to get the dishes washed thoroughly without having to repeat the process.
  • Dishwashers have sensors, too. These sensors will know when the water level is just right, and will stop adding.

It will heat the water to the right temperature

  • Dishes can be tougher to clean when left undone for some time. This is why hot water is more effective, even when using dishwashers.
  • You don’t have to worry about the water being too hot that it might damage your dishes. As mentioned, dishwashers are equipped with smart sensors that can detect temperature, too.

It adds detergent automatically

  • Detergent is added after the dishes have been washed with heated water. If you wonder why, this is because by that time, leftover substances have been washed out.
  • Dishwashers are designed to add just the right amount of detergent according to how many dishes are loaded. In case your dishwasher does not have that technology yet, this is determined by the timer you set when you loaded your dishes.

Its jets shoot water to clean the dishes

  • This process is more commonly known as rinsing. After the dishes have been washed with detergent, it will proceed to shooting water from its jets. Some dishwashers are made with more jets, which can explain why some brands clean faster than the others.
  • Jets are used to rinse the dishes because they shoot water forcefully, making rinsing easy and fast. Some dishwashers can detect when the water is on a critical level—that is when they stop shooting water to avoid overflowing.

It drains the dirty water

  • This is when the dishwasher rinses itself of the water and detergent used. Some dishwashers can sense when the water is clean enough for the dishes to be dried. If it is, the dishwasher proceeds to drying.
  • For the more ordinary or older dishwashers, it is common to spray more water to the dishes before drying them.

It heats the air inside to dry the dishes

  • This one only applies when the user chose that setting. If the said setting is not available, the dishes usually sit inside the dishwashers until they dry.
  • Some people choose to unload after the dishes are rinsed, and wipe them dry on their own.

The processes mentioned above apply to most dishwashers. Most of them work the same way, no matter the brand and type, except for the special features of each brand. Some have quicker turnaround time, some have quieter processes, while some promise cleaner dishes. How dishwasher works may vary according to type, but what matters is the end results which are always awesome.

Every kitchen appliance helps a household get their chores done fast and easy with these features. Knowing how dishwasher works will help us appreciate these appliances even more, and will also let us know how to properly take care of them.


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