Quietest Dishwasher


Back in the early 2000s, dishwashers produced noises that were annoying and distracting. But there was no other way as that was how they washed dishes. But since technology keeps on innovating, things have changed.

Today, dishwashers are quite capable of working in silence, being quiet enough to even run whilst in the church!

So how does one know that a dishwasher is quiet? Well, if it ranges between 45 to 50 decibels, that basically means its noise level is somewhere like that of typing on a keyboard and just lower than the threshold required to wake a person up.

Compare that to the dishwashers that existed ten to 15 years ago that averaged around 60 decibels, just below the sound level of a vacuum cleaner. Now isn’t that loud and deafening? Yes it is. But the real next question is, what is a decibel?

Decibel, or the decibel A-weighting (dBA), is the industry standard noise rating. It is quite complicated but it simply emphasizes the noises that people hear most clearly while highlights less the sounds that are harder to hear.

How to determine the quietest dishwasher

The result then is a rating that aims to inform buyers of how much noise will their chosen dishwasher make.

To give you an idea, below is the equivalent of a specific dBA rating:

  • 15 dBA – whisper
  • 38 dBA – normal quiet dishwasher
  • 45 dBA – washing one’s hands
  • 50 dBA – typing on a keyboard
  • 60 dBA – sound of the sea
  • 75 dBA – bird sound
  • 85 dBA – hair dryerblowing
  • 90 dBA – lawn-mower
  • 110 dBA – car horn sound
  • 140 dBA – firecracker

So if you purchase a dishwasher that says 85 or more dBA, expect that the quietest it can be is like that of a road construction. But since most brands felt the need to manufacture quiet dishwasher, redesigning it became fundamental.

First, a solid base made of heavy-duty plastic was incorporated in it. That is the same material used to create football helmets. Then, a sensor-drain pump was installed that only works upon detecting the presence of water and thus getting much rid of the loud sucking noise you hear while draining.

The hydraulic system was also redesigned; a new filtration system was introduced to replace the hard waste disposer. Also, two motors were then used instead of just one to spread the work load.

For a further and thorough explanation, below are the parts of a dishwasher optimized to achieve the lowest possible noise level:

  • Layers of Insulation – A number of sound-absorbing insulation diminish the noise
  • Solid Molded Base – Absorbs sound while decreasing vibration
  • Triple Filtration System – This grindless system filters out food particles, making a loud internal food disposal not necessary
  • Detergen Tray – Improved for tablets, it holds detergent in place for a keen spray jet to directly dissolve tablet and reduce spraying the door
  • Spray Arms – Project water towards the dishes and thus minimizing noise

Factors that affect the noise level of a dishwasher

If you are wondering what affects a dishwasher in terms of noise level, here are some of them:

  • The presence of a noise-lowering material on the exterior of the tub
  • The disposal of a dishwasher
  • Quality of insulation
  • Plastic tubs compared to stainless steel tubs (they can lower the sound of the water that is sprayed inside)

The top quietest dishwasher brands

Because they changed the bottom of their dishwashers from soft disposer to filters, they now belong to the list of the most silent dishwasher brands:


It is not the most popular appliance brand, and you might not even be familiar with it until now. But it does sure know how to manufacture dishwashers.

As a German quality product, there are high expectations. Good for it because it never failed to deliver, having dishwashers at 38 decibels.

It also has six wash programs and ten special programs plus a delay start, double water proof system and a close feature.


Slightly higher than the 38 decibels of Miele, this dishwasher has 42 decibels, still considered quieter than other products. That is because of its special multiple insulation made of three layers namely bitumen, cotton and stainless steel.


Not a popular brand either but it was the one that introduced the dishwasher with the biggest capacity which is known as Sapphire Thermador. It has 42 and 46-decibel dishwashers that cost around $1,100 to $1,700.

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