What Dishwasher Should I Buy: Factors to Consider Before Buying One

Shopping for a dishwasher is just as exciting as shopping for other household items. The many choices we get when shopping might leave us with the question, “what dishwasher should I buy?”

Equipping our home with the latest and newest appliances is fulfilling, even though it could also be undeniably expensive. This is why it is highly crucial for us to be very careful when choosing which dishwasher type to buy. Impulsive purchases are almost always regretted after, so it is wise to make a conscious effort to consider other factors apart from prices and looks.

Factors to Consider: What Dishwasher Should I Buy?

To help you decide which dishwasher is perfect for you, make yourself a checklist out of this guide we made for you.

  • What’s easy on the pocket is not always the best buy. We are all guilty of looking at the price tag before thoroughly checking an appliance’s specifications. No wonder, since money is quite hard to earn nowadays and a dishwasher is not the only thing you have to buy. Also, it is a common scenario for cheaper items to break sooner than more expensive ones. While not always true, it could be a good thing to keep in mind.
  • Buy one that is just the right size for your kitchen. If you know you have a small space available for a dishwasher, buy one that would perfectly fit. Your best bets could be portable and compact dishwashers, since they are generally smaller. Besides, you wouldn’t want to buy a dishwasher that’s so big you have to sacrifice your oven or your beloved grill, right?
  • Read on reviews. When shopping online, product reviews are a great way to know if a particular product is worth our hard-earned money. Shopping for appliances, especially dishwashers, should also involve reading ratings and reviews from real consumers. Weigh in your options from those reviews, and try to narrow down your choices from there.
  • Known brands are great choices, but you can also explore new ones. A brand that has been around for decades and centuries naturally stand out from the competition. People usually go for popular appliance brands, thinking their long experience in the industry makes them the experts we should trust. However, we should also take note that new brands can also mean new technologies. Technologically advanced kitchen appliances are all the rage now, since they are known to work faster and even better than the old-fashioned ones.
  • Easy controls on dishwashers make them easier to use and are usually less complicated to operate. If you’re on the younger generation, then you’re in luck. Most dishwashers are equipped with the latest technology. These advancements mean they work better, but could also be a little more challenging to work with. Dishwashers with easy controls and user-friendly interfaces are apparently easier to use than those with too many buttons and dials.
  • Choose one with a sturdy body and a neutral color. It’s fun looking at colorful appliances, but it could get tricky with your interior design at home. That being said, it is wise to stick to neutral, metallic colors when buying a dishwasher. Silver ones are among the most popular types, if you need a suggestion. Also, try having a feel of the dishwasher you have in mind to see if it’s sturdy enough for you.
  • Check for special features. Each brand boasts of a special add-on feature or technology that sets them apart from the competition. This could be tricky, as it is easy to be tempted with cool features. The key is to check what their dishwashers have that could help you save more time and money. Find the feature that you need most from a kitchen appliance—energy efficient, quiet, and fast are just a few of what you can find in the market today.

The best dishwasher out there is not the cheapest and the best-looking one. Those factors remain to be among the most considered ones, but should not be the only details we should check when buying a dishwasher. You should also think about durability, size, features, and ease of use. A cheap dishwasher might save you money for now and give you headaches later on for its poor quality, while a more expensive one could save you money in the long run as it stands the test of time. Choose one that fits your space, your needs, and your budget.

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